Is your process safe… are you sure?

Safety is always an area for improvement. Unfortunately, although you may believe you machinery, whatever the assumed danger, is operating safely, more often than not it’s not adequate to certify it as a safe system. By pressing an E-Stop button and seeing a machine stop or lifting a guard to make sure everything halts may seem pretty straight forward but we have seen too many instances where component failure has led to engineers and operators suffering serious injury simply because the control system has not been designed correctly for the application. Either that or years of modification, changes the operation or control method and the safety circuits are forgotten about. Safe shut off times, inertia of machinery and understanding of the process are just a pinch of key components for the route to safe working.

Negligence and Ignorance = Accidents = Changed lives = Heavy compensation claims = Loss of business

I think we are all in agreement, assuming something is safe when for a relatively small cost you can confirm it by professionals is just straight forward common sense.

tes(europe)ltd work with the world’s leading safety equipment manufacturers and specialists, just a few of these are listed below.

Risk Assessment

TES (europe) ltd will complete a full risk assessment of the control requirement, and complete verification of the system using the SISTEMA software verification tool for additional support in our route to conformity.


Onsite Inspection

TES (europe) ltd are always happy to visit a site and discuss your area of concern before carrying out any chargeable works. We know that talking a good game is one thing but completing the task is something else!

Strong Support

Thanks to the strong support of the suppliers we use, TES (europe) ltd can confidently say, you’re in safe hands!


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