Trying to keep automation affordable and simple.

tes(europe)ltd complete all design and software tasks in house. This enables us to keep our costs competitive and support our clients much better without relying on sub-contractors which so many of our competitors are doing in recent times.

By completing pre-design and setting up simulation tests in our workshop, it allows us to invite our clients along to test and play with the system before it gets anywhere near the site. We are quite flexible and always happy to listen to what our clients require.

We are pleased to announce that our sister company Autonomous Automation Ltd are up and running, ready to take enquiries regarding collaborative robotic applications and AGV solutions. Please go and take a look…

Keep it Simple!


We do not write software to trip up others. Passwords are only entered if required and we write logic in a simple a straight forward manner. All our programmes, although very different are written in a common format, thus allowing our own engineers to follow each other easier and allowing us to relay information to the customer in a much easier fashion.

Engineering Team

Just because a client’s engineering team are not made up of software engineers does not mean they cannot have any involvement or must struggle to maintain. There are various tools available to allow engineers to simple monitor the PLC logic without enabling changes. tes(europe)ltd are always happy to help bring engineering teams forward and help with understanding new and modernised systems. Training is given as part of any project but it also possible to tailor specific sessions to meet a specific requirement.


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