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Design, build, installation and commissioning of electrical control and power distribution systems.

In partnership with the leading suppliers of low voltage power and control equipment, our systems exceed even the most demanding expectations. With recent developments in recycling, our expertise now extends to recovery of oils for bio-diesel and control and power distribution for the generators that use the reclaimed mediums.  

Machine Safety Systems

It’s always been like that’ and ‘it’s got an e-stop and a guard switch on it’ are some of the most popular quotes that come to mind when safety is discussed with some engineering teams. In most cases, this view of machine safety is not ignorance but simply a common perspective of engineering personnel today. Unless you are trained and practice in this field, it is very difficult to say I can make that equipment safe. TES (europe) ltd can help with keeping your machinery up to date and ensure that it meets current standards. We have trained engineers specifically for this purpose, and using specific software can verify the category and level of safety that can be achieved before any works are carried out on the machinery. TES (europe) ltd believe it is essential to keep operators and engineering personnel involved as much as possible throughout the design process, ensuring the practicality of machine operation stays in focus.

PLC / HMI Software

TES (europe) ltd do not fall to a single manufacturer when it comes to PLC and HMI systems. As most good electrical control companies do, we can support multiple manufacturers of PLC/HMI’s without too much hassle. Just a few of the suppliers TES (europe) ltd regularly trust to use for their clients:

Control Panel

design, build and installation The description speaks for itself really. From concept to completion on any controlled process, TES (europe) ltd can design a solution that works for your environment. We believe simplicity where possible is the best answer. Where simple is not possible, we aim to give the engineers responsible for maintaining the equipment as much training and support as we can, all included in the quotation for the job… Nobody wants a hidden extras bill for training at the end!

System Integration

hardware/software upgrade More often than not, process and production lines require some additions and modification over time. Vision systems, safety addition, monitoring of flow/energy and anything else that might improve or present value to the business. tes(europe)ltd will happily work with existing control methods to find the best answer to integrating additional equipment while keeping the original functionality of the equipment as close as possible.

Design Consultation

design & feasibility

We all know budgets can be tight. In our experience, there are some very good engineers working in maintenance positions that can be utilised more efficiently by working in with their various project teams. It has been one of our roles to help in the process of design and feasibility before handing the reigns over to internal engineers. Once they have built and installed the system with our guidance, we can then support the software and commissioning to complete the project.


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